Dodge County

Dodge County is truly the best place to live for any young professional looking to make a name for themselves. This county is up and coming with as much potential as any in Wisconsin.

It all began with John Deere building a single fantastic factory in Horicon. This continues to bring excellent young and experienced professionals from all over the country.  

With that, these young professionals get the advantage of finding relatively inexpensive housing.  Other advantages include a wonderful blue-collared community that knows everyone inside it and the beautiful Horicon Marsh.

The Horicon Marsh is what most people know about Dodge County.  A simple Wikipedia search will show that it’s the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States, is 32,000 acres in area, and is home to millions of waterfowl.

You will also find that the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge is available to plenty of community events, including snow shoeing, DNR education, bonfires, kayaking, and candlelight hikes.

The absolute best time to go to the marsh is at sunset! The view from over the hill shows a breathtaking scenery that seems to never end!

With that all said, blue-collared jobs are not the only positions that are ready for the taking in Dodge County.  

This county has so much potential for young professionals to thrive in with the high demand and low supply.

By bringing business to a community that needs it most, you are already 10 steps ahead of someone who does business in a city where others are selling the same exact service or product.

It takes a certain brave and blue-collared attitude to do business here.

Are you up for it?

Participating organizations

  • Tri-County Young Professionals
  • Our mission is to promote community retention while providing educational opportunities, social outlets, and volunteer opportunities to empower entrepreneurs, young professional and community leaders of the Tri-County area!
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Events for 2018

  • Apr 22nd
    02:00 PM
    04:00 PM
    Jefferson County  | Map  | RSVP

    Herb Garden Workshop

    Tri-County Young Professionals
  • Apr 27th
    06:30 PM
    08:30 PM
    Jefferson County  | Map  | RSVP

    Arbor Day Paint & Sip

    Tri-County Young Professionals
  • Apr 28th
    08:00 AM
    01:00 PM
    Jefferson County  | RSVP

    Caffeine Crawl

    Tri-County Young Professionals